What to Expect When You Come to Court

If you have never been summoned to court before, all the requirements and instructions can be daunting. To help you prepare for your hearing, the Decatur Municipal Court of Record has provided the following breakdown of how hearings usually go.

It's important to remember that every case and every individual is a little different, so the procedure can also be a little different from person to person.  If you have any questions, please call the Decatur Municipal Court of Record at 940-393-0220.

First Step: Check In at the Front Window

Check in, with your parent(s), at the front window and on of the clerks will note your appearance.  They may also have papers for you to fill out and return.

Second Step: Meet with the Prosecutor

With your parent(s), you will have the opportunity to tell the Prosecutor the details of your case from your perspective, and he or she will explain how the State will want to proceed with your citation.  You are required to meet with the Prosecutor as part of your pre-trial hearing

Third Step: Defendant Goes before the Judge

Only the juvenile defendant, and the parent(s) who have accompanied them, will approach the bench.  Anyone else may approach only if the Judge calls them forward.  The Judge may, after meeting with the defendant, make an order and tell the defendant that they may leave.  (This usually only happens with traffic offenses).

Fourth Step: Check Out at the Front Window

Bring your court documents to one of the clerks at the front window. The clerk will review the details of your case with you to ensure that you understand and accept the outcome of your hearing. You will receive follow-up instructions and information regarding the disposition of your case and what to do next.