Human Resources

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Within these page you will find several resources regarding employment opportunities, the application process, as well as a summary of benefits. 

To view these resources, please visit our Employment section.

The Human Resource department promotes the following goals: 

  • To effectively communicate policies and procedures to all employees.
  • To collaborate with Managers and Supervisors to effectively manage employee relations.
  • To monitor the external compensation market for trends and practices related to employee compensation and benefits and make recommendations as requested.
  • To effectively manage the City’s benefit programs to ensure their fiscal viability.
  • Establish consistent and informative ongoing communication between HR, employees, supervisors and directors.
  • Collaborate with each department to meet training and development objectives.
  • Ensure that each department complies with all employment regulations.
  • Attract qualified applicants while motivating the existing workforce and inspiring long-term commitment regarding turnover and retention. 
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