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MAY 22, 2020


Texas Cases as of 5/22/2020

May 22 Texas cases

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Wise County Cases as of 5/22/2020

May 22 Wise County cases

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Texas News

Under the direction of Governor Abbott, with the advice of the Lt. Governor, Speaker of the House, Attorney General, and Texas Comptroller: The Governor’s Strike Force to Open Texas will safely and strategically restart and revitalize all aspects of the Lone Star State—work, school, entertainment, and culture. Governor Abbott has pointed out time and time again that raw numbers of positive tests will continue to increase as more testing is completed. The number to watch is the percentage of positive tests in relationship to the total number of tests.Surge response teams will continue to respond to "hot spots." An example he provided of a hot spot is the Amarillo area, where meatpacking plants have experienced spikes in COVID-19.

View checklist of the recent openings.

County Level News

Most business are open to 50%. Social distancing is a must in all places.

The City of Decatur parks are open 100% and being sanitized each morning with an alcohol based sanitizer solution. I want to say a personal thank you to the Parks Crews for tackling that mission. People should use our parks responsibly and under the idea that they are responsible for the good hygiene and wellness of all those in their family.

High School Graduations are allowed outside with social distancing and sanitation efforts.

More on the specific guidelines here: TEA Guidelines

Current Openings:

Child care services, Massage establishments, tattoo studio, piercing studios, hair removal services, hair loss treatment

Open as of Friday, May 22:

Bars (50% capacity due to Wise County’s attestation), Aquariums, bowling alleys, bingo halls, simulcast racing, skating rinks (all at 50% capacity); Rodeos and equestrian events at 50% capacity; Drive-in concerts

Starting Friday, May 29:

Outdoor areas of zoos at 25% capacity

Starting Sunday, May 31:

Professional sporting events with no spectators physically present; Youth camps and summer camps, including vacation Bible schools and overnight summer camps; youth sports programs/Little Leagues with parents as spectators

50% capacity

Due to Wise County’s valid attestation for 50% capacity.

In counties without that attestation, the capacity is 25%.

Nursing Home Testing in Wise County

Across the State, nursing home residents and the employees that serve each of the facilities are being tested for COVID19. This was a directive that was passed to the Fire and EMS Chiefs of Texas through Governor Abbott’s Office.

In our county, each facility used a plan that involved outside contract testing. All of our facilities are expected to wrap up round one of their testing by early next week. Results will be included in the Wise County data posted by the Wise County Office of Emergency Management.

Continue Best Practices

Vulnerable populations should continue to take extra precautions, and all people should exercise common sense sanitation and hygiene to prevent infection.

Wear a mask in crowded places. Travel only to get what you absolutely need.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions or concerns.

Be smart, wash your hands!

Nathan R. Mara

Fire Chief | EMC

City of Decatur Fire Department

Office of Emergency Management

1705 South State Street

Decatur, TX 76234

Office 940-393-0230

Decatur Fire Department

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