Louida "Big Mamma" Willis Park

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400 North Arthur Street
Decatur, TX 76234


  • Benches
  • Picnic Tables
  • Playground
  • Portable Latrines
  • Sand Box
  • Trash Receptacles


Located at the corner of North Arthur Street and Brown Street, Louida "Big Mama" Willis Park, is an approx. 3/4 acre park with playground, sand box, swing set, picnic tables, benches, portable latrines, and trash receptacles. It's a quiet little park that is perfect for letting the kids play and having a picnic.


The park was named after a loving Christian woman that advocated for equality and children. Mrs. Willis, a mother of 6, has been an avid advocate for all people in her community. She helped to organize the first all female baseball team in 1961. She has donated her time to the needy on numerous occasions.


In 2003 Texas Department of Transportation started rerouting Highway 380 Business traffic into her East Decatur community due to the reconstruction of the Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad Bridge. Mrs. Willis became concerned for the children in the neighborhood.  She noticed that the children often played in the street and that the increased traffic was making it not only dangerous for them to play, but also dangerous for parents to take their children to the nearest park. Mrs. Willis petitioned the city until a neighborhood park was built. 

Because of her involvement and constant vigilance in advocating for improvement in her community, Mrs. Willis' request was granted by the City Council in 2006. The park was built and named after her so that all can remember her for what she has done for the community.