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Annual Circulating Technology Policy

  1. You understand that your household’s use of the Mobile Hotspot (MH) device is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Circulating Technology Policy, and by accepting the MH device, you and your household agree to the following terms and conditions:

  2. Borrower Eligibility
  3. The account holder is 18 years of age or older.      

  4. The account holder’s library record is in good standing, including:                              

    1. A Library Account active at least 30 days
    2. No outstanding overdue items, fees or fines
    3. No history of violating library policies
  5. The account holder must present a current and valid government-issued photo ID with their library card in order to check out technology.

  6. Technology Checkout Procedure
  7. Only one of each type of circulating technology may be checked out to a single household at any given time.

  8. Technology may be checked out for a period of 2 weeks and must be returned directly to a staff member at the library desk (NOT in an outside drop box). Tech items may be renewed up to 2 times, in person only, if there is not a hold. Items will be inspected by staff during renewal.

  9. Borrower Responsibility
  10. Each borrower is financially responsible for loss, damages, stolen or unreturned items and accessories that occur while the item is checked out to the account holder.

  11. The account holder agrees to reimburse the Decatur Public Library for its reasonable costs of repair or replacement of the technology as charged to their account.

  12. I understand that when accessing the Internet through the MH device, my household and I are accessing the Internet through T-Mobile’s network and not the Library’s network. My household’s use of the Device is subject to T-Mobile’s Acceptable Use Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use, all of which are available on T-Mobile’s website (currently located at Please read these documents before using the Device.

  13. Using Library Technology Resources
  14. Library technology should be kept in a dry, temperature-controlled environment to prevent damage (i.e., do not leave in hot car or near water; do not submerge in water).

  15. Any information downloaded onto the MH device will be erased by library staff upon check-in. 

  16. The library is not responsible for damages to or loss of personal data, USB drives or other equipment used in conjunction with library MH devices.

  17. Borrowers are responsible for removing any personal downloaded files or software from the MH device prior to return.

  18. Borrower agrees to comply with all state and federal laws regarding obscenity, pornography, and the delivery of such materials to minors.

  19. Neither Decatur Public Library nor the City of Decatur will be held liable for the viewing of, use of, or exposure to any information, picture, graphical representation, or illustration encountered, or for any data loss, breach, or interception of any information that may be the result of malicious activity by another wireless or tech item user, web site, or software on any wireless user’s device while using Decatur Public Library mobile hotspot wireless connection, public laptops or other technology item.

  20. Default
  21. Late return of the library technology may result in a delinquent library account, impacting checkout of materials and use of computer or other library services.

  22. Unreturned technology is considered lost, and will be deactivated remotely where applicable, if not returned within three (3) business days of its due date.

  23. Repair/replacements costs, and/or late fees will be assigned immediately to the account holder if the item is not returned on time or is returned damaged.

  24. Library MH devices not returned within seven (7) business days of their due date will be reported stolen to the Decatur Police Department.

  25. The borrower may not substitute another technology item, new or used, as a replacement for a lost library technology item.

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